Yoochun 2014 House Warming Fanmmet in China

140604 “HouseWarming” Fanmeet Seoul

140613  Heading to Guangzhou for fanmeet and Press Con

 140614  “Housewarming” FM at Guangzhou

 140628 Yoochun House warming Fanmeet Shanghai


140622 Yoochun at Incheon Airport heading to Hunan

 140623 ‘Happy Camp’ Press & Recording

140624 Yoochun at Incheon back to Korea

 140628~29 Yoochun (heading + Back) shanghai China

 140709 Yoochun ‘I Miss You’ Fanmeet Yokohama,Japan


Yoochun Sea Fog Greeting Stages and Showcases

 140701 Yoochun Sea Fog Press Con

 140715 Yoochun Sea Fog Showcase at Busan Cinema Central

 140715 Yoochun Sea Fog Greeting Stage in Haeundae,Busan

 140721 Yoochun at Roaring Currents VIP Movie Premiere

140819 Yoochun ‘Sea Fog’ Stage Greeting

 140820 Yoochun ‘ Sea Fog’ Stage Greeting

 140826 Yoochun Sea Fog Stage Greeting

141003 Yoochun – Busan International Film Festival Stage Greetings


141020 Yoochun at “My Dictator” VIP Premiere

141113 Yoochun the 34th Korean Film Critics Association Awards

141121 Yoochun – Best New Actor Daejong Film awards

141204 Yoochun at the 15th Busan Films Critics association awards ceremony

141209 Yoochun 4th SACF Artists Of The Year Awards

141217 Yoochun at the 35th Blue Dragon Awards Ceremony

141219 Yoochun Korea Film Actor’s Association “2014 Star Night”

141231 Yoochun at SBS Drama Awards


150129 Yoochun at KOFRA Film Awards

150206 Yoochun at Incheon airport heading to Beijing

150208 Yoochun at Incheon airport back to Korea

150213 Yoochun – Incheon Airport heading to Chengdu

150226 Yoochun – MAX movie Awards


Yoochun – 2015 Lovin YU Fanmmeting Tour in China

150207 Yoochun -Lovin YU -fanmeet in Beijing Press Con

150207 Yoochun -2015 Loving YU Fanmeet in Beijing (Press Pics) 

150207 Yoochun -Lovin YU- fanmeeting in Beijing

150214 Yoochun -Lovin YU fanmeeting Tour 2015 in Chengdu

150301 Yoochun – Loving YU Fanmeeting in Shanghai


150302 Yoochun at Incehon Airport back to Korea

150319 Yoochun – Late Night TV Entertainment

150526 Yoochun at 51st Paeksang Arts Awards Ceremony


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