140430 Jaejoong Triangle Press Con

 140620  ‘Triangle Drama’ Fanmeet

 Jaejoong ‘Triangle’ Drama’s Gallery

 141001 Jaejoong at “2014 Korea Drama Awards

141020 Jaejoong at “My Dictator” VIP Premiere

 141108 Jaejoong at Incheon Airport heading to Vienna 

141112 Jaejoong at Incheon Airport back to Korea

141303 Jaejoong – Bnt pictorial in Austria


150101 Jaejoong- KBS Drama Awards

Jaejoong ‘s Drama -SPY- Gallery

150106 Jaejoong KBS SPY Press Con (Press Pics)

150106 Jaejoong KBS Press Conference

150108 Jaejoong on KBS Cool FM (Yoo In Na’s Volume Up)

150120 Jaejoong at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan

150123 Jaejoong – Gimpo Airport back to Korea


Jaejoong – 20015 JParty

150126 Kim Jaejoong  2015 J-Party in Seoul  Rehearsal 

150126 Jaejoong – Jparty 2015 in Seoul


150131 Jaejoong -Moldir 1st anniversary Event

150206 Jaejoong – SPY Reporters’ Conference

 150315 Jaejoong – All Of Jaejoong fanmeet in Seoul

150321 Jaejoong – Moldir Pop-up Store in Busan Event



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