History In Japan

Tohoshinki From 2005 to 2010



TVXQ signed with Japan’s Avex Group management in late 2004. The members learned Japanese and moved to Japan to record their first single. Introduced as Tohoshinki (東方神起)

  • Debut Japanese single “Stay with Me Tonight” in April 2005 ( Rank 37  On weekly Oricon Singles Chart )


  • TVXQ’s debut in Japan was not as successful as their management had hoped, and the group said their first few months in Japan were “difficult.”


  • Their debut Japanese album Heart, Mind and Soul (March 2006)  ( Rank 37  On weekly Oricon Singles Chart ) Rank 25 on Oricon albums Chart


  • 2nd  Japanese album  Five in the Black ( March 2007) , Rank 10 on  Oricon albums Chart with 27,000 copies on its first week


  • 16th Tohoshinki Single ” Purple Line ” (January 2008) their First Album To rank 1st on Oricon


  • “Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta” 22th Single (April 2008 ) Rank 1 on Oricon and makes them the first non-Japanese Asian performer to release two number-one singles in Japan


  •  TVXQ were the first Korean group to attend the Japanese New Year Eve’s music festival Kōhaku Uta Gassen, and their invitation to the event was considered as one of the biggest highlights of their Japanese music career.


  • ” Secret Code” 4th  headlining Japanese tour 2009 with an audiance of 279,500 which the  last two shows of the tour were at the Tokyo Dome made them the first Korean group to perform at the venue .


  • “Secret Code” Concert’s DVD sold more than 353,000 copies and they became the  first foreign artists in twenty years to peak at first place on the Oricon’s DVD rankings.


  • 29th Single ” Break Out “ ( January 2009 ) rank 1 on Oricon broke  Elton John’s fourteen-year record of having the highest first-week sales for a foreign artist


  • Japanese greatest hits album Best Selection 2010 (February  2010) sold over 400,000 copies in one week , ascended to 700,000 copies by the end of March and  became their best-selling album in Japan .


Tohoshinki : From 2011 untill now 


  • Why(Keep Your Head Down) 31th Single (January 2011) rank 1 on Oricon became their second best-selling single in Japan


  • July 2011 , They performed as the closing act  at Tokyo Stop for Avex’s A-Nation summer concert  breaking Ayumi Hamasaki’s record of closing the concert eight years in a row and became the first foreign performers to close the festival


  • 5th Album “TONE”  first number-one album in Japan, earning RIAJ’s platinum certification within two weeks of its relase


  • “Tone” Live  Tour 2012 reached to an audience of 550,000 the largest mobilization for any Korean artist in Japan at that time


  •  TVXQ also became the third foreign artist, after Michael Jackson and the Backstreet Boys, to perform at the Tokyo Dome for three consecutive days, attracting crowds of over 165,000 .


  • 34th Single “STILL” ( March 2012) Rank 1 on Oricon , and they became the first foreign artist to release ten number-one singles in Japan .


  • By July 2012, TVXQ came to be recognized as the first foreign artist in Japan to sell over 3.1 million CD singles, breaking a ten-year, ten-month long record that was previously held by the American vocal duo, The Carpenters.


  •  Tohoshinki 2012 BigEast fanclub event tour The Mission  broke another record for being the largest fanclub event in Japan’s music history with over 120.000 fans in attendance.


  •  36th Single “Catch Me -If You Wanna-“ sold over 137,000 copies, and topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart, making the group the first foreign artist to have had twelve number ones on Oricon.


  • 6th Album Time ( March 2013)  became their fastest selling studio album to date, selling over 277,000 copies in its first month of release.


  • “TIME” Live Tour 2013 made them the first K-pop artist and the fourth foreign artist to embark on a five-dome tour,and  the first foreign musical act to perform at the Nissan Stadium as a headlining artist with a record audience of 890,000 the largest mobilization for any Korean artist in Japan 


  • Tree 7th Album (March 2014) rank 1 on Oricon  weekly Album Chart moving 225,000 copies on its first week of release and Monthly Oricon chart as well . they became the first foreign band in Japan to have three consecutive studio albums with first-week sales of over 200,000 copies, breaking Bon Jovi’s thirteen-year record.


  • Tree Live Tour 2014 with 4 Concerts stops in Tokyo Dome with 220.000 audiance makes TVXQ the 1st foreign artist to hold solo concerts at Tokyo Dome for 3 consecutive years .


  •  TVXQ continued to break new records with their seventh Japanese concert tour Tree: Live Tour 2014, which toured Japan from April to June 2014. The tour drew in over 600,000 people in total, pushing the duo to become the first foreign artists of Japan to bring in the largest number of concertgoers in the last three years, reaching over 2 million.


  • The duo also set the record for being the first foreign artists to headline solo concerts at the Tokyo Dome and the Kyocera Dome Osaka for three years running.


  • TVXQ set the record of topping Oricon’s weekly DVD chart for a total of seven times, breaking its own record as the foreign artist who topped the chart for the highest number of times.


  • The group also set the record as the first foreign artist that ranked number one with five projects in a row, proving its status as top artists in Japan.


  • TVXQ also ranked number one on the ‘Complete Music DVD and BD chart,’ which records the sales of DVD and Blu-ray Disc, and became the first foreign artist to sell a total of 2 million copies of DVD and Blu-ray Disc.


  • Tohoshinki 2014 BigEast fanclub event tour “The Mission Ⅲ  attracts 100.000 fans


  • By November 2014 , TVXQ became  the first foreign artist in Japan to hold large-scale fanclub event mobilizing 100,000 people for 3 consecutive years.


  • By 11th of November 2014 , The group has become the best-selling foreign artist in Japan with accumulated sales of 4,088,000 Copies , exceeding Hong Kong’s singer Agnes Chan’s 4,010,000 sales.


  •   With Tohoshinki 8th Album released in December 17,2014 ,  was a commercial success, debuting at number one on the Billboard Japan Top Albums Chart and the Oricon Albums Chart, selling 233,000 copies on the first week of release.
  • Tohoshinki became the first foreign artists in Japan to top the Oricon Albums Chart four times in a row. Tohoshinki are also the first foreign artists in Japan to have four consecutive albums sell 200,000 or more copies in a week.
  •  Tohoshinki became the third international music act, after Simon & Garfunkel andBon Jovi, to have released five number one albums in Japan .


  • By April 2015, Tohoshinki  becomes 1st Foreign Artist To Perform At Tokyo Dome For 4 Consecutive Years during their With Tour which gathers more than 750.000 attendances

 Debut as JYJ from 2010 until Now 




  • “The …” Extented Play (September 2010) rank 1 on Oricon Daily and Weekly Album ans sales 175,000 copies


  •  The DVD for their Thanksgiving Live in Dome concerts sold 116,000 copies the first week after being released. Both the album and DVD debuted at  1 on Oricon’s DVD and album chart in the same week


  •  The Return to Japan was on April 2013 with 3 days concert series in Tokyo Dome titled “The Return of the JYJ” with 150.000 people to attend and footage in 118 theatres across Japan in order to accommodate fans unable to obtain tickets for the concerts.

( Since 2011 , JYJ can’t promote in Japan)


Credit : Wiki + as tagged

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