TRANS | 150817 Junsu ‘s Twitter Update


The auction should be done 1 vs 1….ㅜㅜ I heard that there is preparation for money-raising…ㅜㅜ You can’t play tricks!! This is against the rules! Ah~~~the mesh (photo) is really a no! Ah can’t I place a new bid amount again like now…?

Instead of wanting to own it..”Wah this one is definitely a no”.With the mindset to recall back and placing the bid, it went over 20..;; Calculated the total bid amount..kekeke It would be a problem even if I got the bid keke But it would be used for a good cause ^^ So I particpated with a happy heart. But everyone, let’s do it 1 vs 1ㅜㅜ


Credit : 1215thexiahtic

Trans by : shinkipeia

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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