ENG | 150811 STARCAST : TVXQ! MAX’s first historical drama! It’s hard but he is doing well


“I am the Crown Prince Lee Yoon.”

TVXQ! MAX playing a role of character Crown Prince ‘Lee Yoon’ who has majestic force and eyes at issuing MBC Wed-Thu drama ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’! As the story develops he is showing stunning acts as an actor Shim Chang-min rather than TVXQ!’s MAX on the stage. I have visited drama shooting site to meet Crown Prince ‘Lee Yoon’ on a hot day reached 35 degrees of sensory temperature. Shall we have a look how would he looks like at the shooting site?
Today’s shooting held with Shim Chang-min’s grandfather in the drama, ‘Hyeon Jo’ Lee Soon-jae. Lee Soon-jae giving advice to Chim Chang-min about acting before actual shooting and Lee Yoon’s eyes looking at Lee Soon-jae; he’s so serious, right? That makes us smile like mom by looking at him. Lee Yoon is doing his best because of those senior actors in the shooting site looking at him with friendly eyes.



“The practice with Lee Soon-Jae gives me a lot of lessons.”


“It is always full of tension when I take a scene with many people.”


“I will do that as a crown prince.”


“Is this candle really hot?”


“Thanks for coming in this hot weather.”


“Are you sure that you can recognize me with my shadow only?”


“I will wait until the time that I get the power to handle everything. “


There was tension around the shooting site for long. The actors and staffs are beautiful when they concentrate to express perfect crown prince ‘Lee Yoon’ from one speech, one action, and to one facial expression.
“I can’t be relaxed for a second while straightening my dress”
It was already dinner time while the shooting continued without a break. They all had a good time while eating delicious food and talking fun stuff together.
“I have prepared it for the dinner time heartfully”
After dinner the shooting continued again. There were actors preparing for the next scene by changing their clothes. His appearance with traditional hat on was eye-catching. As getting darker, today’s shooting seemed to finish soon.
“What are you doing now. I asked what are you doing now!”
Today’s shooting has been finished. I have revealed shooting site of drama running so busy in a hot weather. Have you looked at Lee Yoon trying hard?
 “Thanks for coming this long way. I hope you get back well”
He showed charismatic eyes in the shooting site but saying bye with lovely smile. He must be tired after a long shooting, but he greet with big smile to make us feel good. Please support Shim Chang-min the crown prince ‘Lee Yoon’ who must be trying hard this moment again at the shooting site. And show a lot of interests toward MBC Wed-Thur drama at 10 pm, ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’ too! Thank you.
P.S. Shim Chang-min’s greeting to STARCAST readers.
Article/Photo: SM Entertainment provided
* All rights are reserved to SM Entertainment.
Source : Naver 
Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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