TRANS | 150801 Preview of SMTOWN THE STAGE movie – Yunho: “Even if I were to die here on stage, I’d have no regrets”


Tohoshinki’s Yunho and Changmin revealed their feelings toward the stage. Following [I AM. SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IN MADISON SQUARE GARDEN], the production introduced the second part of the music documentary [SMTOWN THE STAGE SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV] ahead of its first broadcast, presenting Tohoshinki’s feelings toward the stage.

image1Yunho expressed his love for the stage – “even if I were to die here (on stage), I’d have no regrets. So I’m happy”, he said. He also gave advice to EXO, his juniors from the same agency: “when you are on the stage, think of yourself as the hero/protagonist… as the king of the stage”.

image2 As for Changmin, “for us, the stage is that space where we can be aware of ourselves”, he said. “As we stand on top of the stage, we (artists) have a high perception of the fighting spirit sort of power [we create] together with the audience, it sends shivers through the entire body”, he explained. Again, he expressed his true feelings: “to be honest there are times when I want to cut the rehearsals short. But next to me Yunho would be pushing himself very hard, so seeing him like this, I get the feeling that I cannot ease up.”

Then Yunho had words for the staff making the stages with them. “They are close to us, helping us. I think we can shine on stage because those persons are here and lend us their strength”, he thus expressed his gratitude toward people in the staff, who make their stages bright and dazzling by working discreetly from behind the scene.

The film will be screened in South Korea for about two weeks, from August 13 to August 26. In Japan the title has been changed to [SMTOWN THE STAGE – ORIGINAL JAPAN VERSION], and the movie will be broadcasted in national theaters from August 29 on.


Source : japanese.kpopstarz.
Translation: TVXQSound

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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