[TRANS] 150708 Bigeast STAFF Report – Release of Yunho’s solo album [U KNOW Y]

CJY64fxUkAAhlIGYunho’s solo album [U KNOW Y] has been released today, Bigeast limited edition !

Did you all GET it?

The booklet with A4 size pictures proved to be quite fascinating, and the Bigeast staff got excited the moment they got their hands on it. Once completed, the contents are nice and packed with plenty of Yunho’s charms ♪

Let us present you a little of this [U KNOW Y] MV and jacket shooting!

The MV filming took place in South Korea, and the jacket shooting was in Japan!
The MV hits full force, with scenes exuding both sensuality and power. The dance choreography is very cool! Even in between shootings, Yunho was validating minute details (of it) with the dancers and so the filming progressed.

The jacket’s pictures are also full of various Yunho’s charms, wild seduction and warmth that gives off a feeling of transparency.

We have posted the off-shot pictures on the special website too! There as well you will find pictures showing the atmosphere on the filming set, so everyone, please definitely try to check it! ^^

Bigeast website
Translation by TVXQSound

Shared by  Tunisian Cassies


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