[TRANS] 150629 Junsu’s Twitter Update


If you were to ask me if I have lived nicely, I would have hesitate..At least I have lived squarely without any shame up till now. The several press of Jeju Island who every time spread and publish at the first instance without looking at the contents well if there are only bad articles of the hotel (Toscana)..Why are you so quiet today;;

(Note: Junsu won the lawsuit against the construction companies which sued him for Toscana’s construction payment)


I’m definitely not asking to stand at my side. At least if all of you are our press, I hope you can write and publish fairly at its core. Is it because all of you are the residents of Jeju Island? Aren’t we the same South Korean ahead of that. I earnestly request all of you to be equal in the future.


Credit : 1215thexiahtic

Trans by : shinkipeia

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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