[PICS] 150614 TVXQ – Others SNS Updates #T1ST0RYEncoreInSeoul


At the LAST TVXQ CONCERT in Seoul:) Love showing
support to my little bros!


The moment you’re trying to take a picture but the person next to you makes such cute faces that you end up cracking up and ruining the photo 😂😂#mostfavoritestestestestesteverever #이쁘니창민이 🙆🏻



With sweet Yunho~~❤️



Its not the last time but a new beginning!You worked so hard~ Thanks for making this precious memory~friend~


One of the best concert in my life. ‪#‎동방신기‬ ‪#‎東方神起‬ ‪#‎TVXQ‬ ‪#‎Concert‬‪#‎콘서트‬ ‪#‎Max‬ ‪#‎최강창민‬


CHdz-KzUMAAEmqhCHd0towVAAAuXZWCHd4CI4UEAAD432keep your head down~ 3년 건강하게 마치고 돌아오길 🙏🙏 #동방신기forever!


Well I just drop my picture but what I want to say is..OMG. How much I’m blessed. How many ch I’m lucky. with the greatest artists ever in my life, I’ve been deadly happy. 동방신기 윤호&창민 and many people who works with me that 6YEARS, I can’t say how much you guys are just more than awesome. Yeah I’m typing while I’m drunk but you know, it’s truly blessing working with the name of TVXQ. I love you guys so much and will be here for you guys.





Credits : brianjoomuzik +stacynam + + 85.sm

 + munelin + nonopig96 +lovelyok77 +hyunseokch +mihawkback 

+euny1120 + rosegirls514 + jocu1004 + jjung_ji_hye + w2798ccc

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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