[TRANS + SCANS] Tohoshinki 「CanCam」 Magazine July 2015 Issue

CFg_ss1VAAIW_OI.jpg large

69721161jw1esee3mpa7lj20kn0sfjvaA slight camera glimpse in the room of these two people living together YUNHO x CHANGMIN’S SWEET HOME

 to be “A decade of training life,” the members, YH and CM who possesses the ‘air feeling’ like a family.

So, we’ll let you know these two’s relaxing moments!

69721161jw1esedukd5hdj20oi0sgn0u 69721161jw1esedrr025rj20l80sg0wl CFrDyWcUMAAKNg569721161jw1eseduo5lksj20sg0lc0vdCFtKplFUIAA958x.jpg largeFor the reason of a relaxed filming, Changmin in the midst of shooting, it’s only for a moment but quietly

Yunho, who was checking the monitor, and his great admiration for the man’s cute face (laughs)!

69721161jw1esedu7yvy5j20jq0sg0wh CFrBOJSVEAEPrUU.jpg largeCFmc4cXUkAA_G3E.jpg large



CFmjm6qVEAEq6GbCFq8FmIUkAEue-L CFrRXoRUMAATpsvCFmkfrqUEAAXVpUCFvgJPjUsAAGB5W.jpg largeㅎ.ㅎ what glasses I should wear?

CFwaGihUkAAlowa CFwaGihUsAEF_S7

Q3. When you were a child, when did you think, “When I do this, I’ll be popular!”?

Yunho: Billiards!

Changmin: A talkative person.

Q4. Pleasant words that you want to hear from women?

Yunho: Manly!

Changmin: You sing well! / I like you~


CFmty0MUsAAFOaz.jpg largeCFsCX_SVIAAiO_u CFsCX_mUgAAUnQVCFk4tb3UMAAjoGa.jpg large69721161jw1esedut5iilj20lc0sgwhsCFrAMd_UkAAJ19hQ6. Let us know your personality using 3 kinds of keywords!

Yunho: Passion/Will not give up until the end of the chosen day/And I like TVXQ!

Changmin: Honest / Moving using his instincts / Dreaming!

CFmqDM3UEAE4J2b.jpg large

CFmp4tKVEAAaMfQ.jpg large

CFmqI0kVIAAH__A.jpg large

CFulZNIUEAALVBf CFulZPlUIAAHFq5 CFulZNEUMAAPX2d CFulZNDUMAAixKQCake & gifts for 10 years anniversary from Cancam

Yunho :  excited tear to wrappage

Changmin :  carefully open gift

CFsH4WZUUAECuLB “I like both wine and beer..♪”

CFsH4XIVAAIEpZ7“I’m hungry…”

69721161gw1esee4npslbj20sg0gidh5 laugh together

69721161jw1esee326nmwj20sg0hkq5w 69721161jw1esee2zmirsj20sg0nqadd“Look at the camera!”

69721161jw1esee35zt9tj20sg0kk77s69721161jw1esee3cub6jj20sg0k0ad1 YH : isn’t it NY’s pic? I wanna see!

CM: yes wait a moment~

CFwU3huVEAAxVYh.jpg large “My after-wake-up face? How is that……” (laugh)

CFwTKMOUUAAeeC_.jpg large

CFsXkRpVIAEzPK_ CFsXkRfUsAI26VJQ9. Now to each other, what words do you want to say?

Yunho: For simply staying by my side, thank you!

Changmin: There’s nothing but to confirm Yunho’s manliness that doesn’t change!

69721161gw1esee5a8uvij20sg0kugnq 69721161jw1esedu4hr98j20l40sgdhs 69721161gw1esee5cl7yoj20sg0k040nCFuhDFsUkAEZvK-

Yunho : For 10 Years

Changmin : Yes

CFuhDFrVAAAPkppYunho : What is it ?
Changmin : Do You have something to say to me

CFuhDFrVIAEJDhhYunho: Thank you for staying by my side

Changmin: Huhuuu Of course (laughs)!


SCANS : changmin_great

Trans : paulisteu + clefaire+ yunjaery + Changmin_great

Collected & Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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