[TRANS] 150503 Junsu’s Twitter Update


Junsu: Pacquiao! (T/N: Professional boxer)
Junsu: My heart is following! heh
Junsu: I didn’t watch boxing match before and didn’t know about boxing. A few weeks ago, I searched and got to know about this widely-talked upcoming match and shared about it keke In conclusion, I’m with Pacquiao! Let’s go


Junsu: A few days ago, I was following the news article, a man born for boxing vs a man doing boxing to live, I’m with the latter!! Hwaiting~ In this way, the world will be a bit or less lonely!
Junsu : waa~~ Heart seems i’ll burst
Wah was just shocked by mayweather ~~ wah
Junsu : Good job! Pacquiao!^^


Come on, let’s win Sikisiki (wonsikah11) in soccer!! Overthrow the guard team! keke



Junsu : Euhahahaha~!!!
Wonsik‬ : As expected, you didn’t die kekekeke
Junsu : If I get another 4 goals, I would have thought that I’m playing sergeant soccer (letting the sergeant goal only like army soccer)…Sorry Sikisiki yah although you play quite well..If I play and it’ll go in (goal), this left foot (Junsu’s) is quite amazing..Me too hehehe
Wonsik : Kekeke Firstly I conceded to this match! Acknowledged that you are Xia Messi hehe I’ll show you Sik-Naldo next time ???
Junsu : Eh how dare I say that I’m Messi keke Even the playing style is different..Since I’m left-foot like Bale, I’ll go with Xia-le (derived from Bale)..It’s Xia-le..Sik-naldo good night~

CEFoBdCUsAA3nzM.jpg large

Lastly a photo…Wah why is my hair so blue keke
Is it that even my heart is with fc men..heh


샤키와 안개낀 토스카나와 산타마을ㅎ
Xiaky and foggy Toscana and Santa Town heh

Credit : 1215thexiahtic

Trans by : shinkipeia + TunisianCassies + KatHeartsJJ

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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