[NEWS] 150427 “Gag Concert” Censors JYJ Junsu’s Name, Fans Raise Voices in Protest


Fans of JYJ Junsu have raised their voices in protest, after the April 26 broadcast of KBS 2TVGag Concert” censored the singer’s name. “Thinking of his [current] stage name, we only censored out ‘XIA,’” said the producer of the show.

In the skit, comedian Park Sung Ho says, “When male celebrities play soccer Minho is manly, XIA Junsu is cool, and Lee Duk Hwa is…,” where “XIA” is noticeably muted.

Fans responded in the show’s online community: “To both the singer and fans, this is offensive!!! You need to apologize,” “It’s not like XIA Junsu is a criminal,” “What exactly did he do so wrong that you need to censor his name? I don’t understand.”

“Gag Concert” producer Jo Joon Hee said to Star News, “We thought the use of XIA Junsu’s name would hurt fans, so we censored ‘XIA,’ but it seem’s we’ve caused a misunderstanding.”

The producer explains further, “While we were editing the show, we thought about the fact that these days, Kim Junsu is active under the names XIA and Kim Junsu, not XIA Junsu. Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong both are active under their [regular] names, but we thought calling only Kim Junsu as ‘XIA Junsu’ would be hurtful to fans. That’s why we censored the ‘XIA’ part, causing the ‘Junsu’ to sound unclear.”

Watch the video (@1:00):


Credit : soompi

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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