[NEWS] 150403 TVXQ Becomes 1st Foreign Artist To Perform At Tokyo Dome For 4 Consecutive Years


Group TVXQ has completed their second five dome tour in celebration of their 10th anniversary since debuting in Japan.

ey began their TVXQ Live Tour 2015~WITH~ back in Feb. in Fukuoka and continued to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagyoa and Sapporo for a total of 16 performances and met with 750,000 fans.

Since 2012, the duo have been holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome every year and is the first foreign artist to hold a concert there for four years in a row.

They have brought in more and more fans to each tour since 2012, totaling over 2 million people over the course of the four years.

Their finale concert for this tour was held at the Tokyo Dome this past Wednesday and Thursday as they performed various songs from their album, “With,” as well as songs from their 10th anniversary single.

The group performed 26 songs live over the three hour and 30 minute concert.

On Friday they will be making an appearance on Asahi TV’s “Music Station Special” and perform their song, “Sakuramichi.”


Credit : Kpopstarz

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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