[VIDEO +TRANS] 150331 ‪‎Jaejoong‬ – Interview & message to fans before leaving for military service

1.What will you miss the most when you are at the training centre?
Jaejoong: I will miss everyone the most.
2.How do you feel about holding a concert?
Jaejoong: I am actually very happy to hold a concert. I thought it will be hard, but I am really handsome. I feel blessed.
This is my honest thoughts.
3.What kind of holiday assignments would you like to give your fans?
Jaejoong: Um, since it is a break, sigh, they have been so tired because of me. Actually this is not what they need to do, but they have always been tiring themselves out. They spent so much time on me, so in this 2 years, I wish that everyone can spend more time on themselves and that will be great.
4.What kind of character do you want to play in your first production after your military enlistment?
Jaejoong: It will be great if I can play the role of a cheerful and positive character in a romance-comedy drama. I have acted as a handsome/cool person, so I wish to challenge this relaxing style for once.
5.Among so many songs sang throughout 11 years, what are the songs that you wish to sing the most right now?
Jaejoong: I Believe, O Jung Ban Hap, Found You (T/N: He sang the songs.)
6.What are your best 3 most happy moments in your 20s?
Jaejoong: The first one will be when we won the law suit against SM. The second is when JYJ released the first single in
Japan. The third, is spending 2D1N preciously with the members who I thought that I will not see before I enlist.
7.SPY is the last production for overseas fans who will not be able to see Jaejoong. Is there anything you want to say about their anticipation?
Hmm, please watch the drama determinedly and seriously. Although it is rather short, the drama is very powerful.
8.Words for the two members?
Jaejoong: Yoochun-ah, Junsu-ah, I will return well. And Junsu, as our enlistment timings overlap, we will be separated
for 3 years. We have never been away from each other for as long as 3 years. We must be apart from each other for 3 years this time. Although I am a soldier, I will go meet you during my rest days. At that time when we meet, we
will be soldiers, isn’t that amusing? But we will meet that way, so do not be too upset.
Yoochun-ah, you will be entering after the drama ends right? Oh, just like us, yeah, energetic! Yesterday, hyung thought
of this. The first time when we filed a lawsuit against the company and came out from there, it was a really tough decision. At that time, especially Yoochun, as we are still members, he said “Ah let’s go. Junsu can go do the things he
likes, Jaejoong hyung can go do the things he likes.” You have such personality, whenever you are forced to do a tough
decision, you trust your members and tag along. You cannot do this. When you are standing at the edge of the cliff, no matter what, you are the priority.But as you thought of yourself, same with me and Junsu, we will walk to the end together. When one leaves, we will leave together. Only JYJ will make such decision.Frankly, everyone else will advise us not to go because it is a dangerous act. But now that I look at it, we are really courageous. If we did not really love each other, we will not be able to do it. That is why, I am thankful. That is why, we are together, thinking for each other, loving each other. Although this is rather embarrassing tosay to men, because it is just us, I can say this: Hyung will come back well. You will come too,right? See you soon, see you. I will contact you, you must pick up the phone.
9.Lastly, to the fans who are missing Jaejoong who is at the training centre now…
Jaejoong: Um, hello everyone, I am Jaejoong. Um, anyway after a while,I will still meet you at the concert. Ah, this the
greetings video that will be played after the concert ends. Um, I will be enlisting the day after. I have yet to cut my hair, so I am still not a soldier. I will be entering soon.I will probably feel nervous even if I am in front
of the training centre. I plan to act as if nothing is happening before this.I prepare to face this with a feeling of “Everyone will go, so will I”. So before I enlist, I must be Kim Jaejoong whom everyone knows. After I enter the training centre, I will be a defence soldier trainee Kim Jaejoong. So,actually this is not a huge thing. Um, before I go, I will not do anything. Just a few
farewell drinks.Compared to making things sadder by crying to my friends and telling them I am entering tomorrow, I rather take this chance to cherish the remaining time. Um, this is not something to be complimented but I have been feeling that “I am really amazing”. So…Ah, right, do not write letters to the army! My fellow comrades should receive the letters from their parents and lovers,and they should not be disappointed because their letters were lost among the endless letters sent to me by my fans. Although everyone might be i n a difficult spot,put in on the internet. It seems possible. Try not

to do it, as mycomrades may be in a difficult spot because of this . I am sorry for saying this. This may sound upsetting, but I feel the same. So, during this period while I am in the army, do not write letters to me.I have prepared many things for you to see me, I have worked hard and I hope that your reactions will be enthusiastic. Instead of feeling I am not in the army, I want you to feel that “Ah, why is this oppa always not letting us see him personally. Ah, he is always teasing us.” It will be
great if you think it this way. 1 year 9 months will pass by quicker too.I will be healthy, I will eat properly. Although I do not know how it will be like inside, I will try my best. I will not grow fat suddenly, I will not do anything that is embarrassing. You all know, I have always been managing myself. So everyone, please take good care of yourself. During this time, those who should get married, go get married; those who should give birth, go give birth. Then in the future, you can bring your husband and children to my concert. The consequence will be,there must be 3x more seats. Isn’t that impressive?
If you give birth to more children, then it will increase. If you give birth to one, then I have 3x more fans. If you give birth to two, I will have 4x more. Wow, that feels awesome! Hence, during this time, try your best to change your life for me. I do not mind it.Learn more; be it lawyer, be a judge, be a doctor,be a prosecutor, be a police, be a soldier, be a PD, be a reporter, then we will have a wider field to play in. There are really too many things that words cannot describe properly, so it will be the best if you try it yourself. It is the best to do the things you love and fulfil your dreams.When they all come true, do not cry. Smile proudly and tell me,Jaejoong-ah, I succeeded. If that is the case, it will be great. During thistime, allow yourself to grow, we will meet again. Ah, if there are pregnant fans, the next time you see me, your child will be 2 years old. Wow… Eh? Is it 1 year old? Or 2 years old? Um, time will pass by quickly. Everyone live a little more busily and sufficiently. Um,
see you. Bye-bye.
Trans: @yunjaery
Shared by : Tunisian Cassies

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