[NEWS] 150312 “Sensory Couple” Park Yoochun Says It’s Still Awkward with Shin Se Kyung


JYJ Park Yoochun says he’s still awkward with his new drama costar Shin Se Kyung!

The JYJ member recently featured in a photo shoot for @star1’s April issue, where he talked a little bit about his new drama “Sensory Couple.”

“It’s awkward,” says Park Yoochun when asked how his relationship is with Shin Se Kyung. “We didn’t get the chance to talk much during the script reading. And we sat at different tables at dinner…”

On the drama, he says he’s never had a good feeling about dramas, but that the script reading was really fun. “The director is really chill, and we’ve even had drinks after filming.”

The April issue of @star1 with Park Yoochun’s full pictorial is set for release on March 23.


Credit : soompi

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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