[NEWS] 150223 TVXQ’s Yunho and his fans open up an education center in Bongo, Ghana!


It has been revealed that an education center, ‘U know Yunho Center‘ in Bongo, Ghana has been opened in TVXQ’s Yunho name with the help of his fans.

A representative of International Food for the Hungry stated that the center finalized its construction with the help of Yunho’s fan club members who consistently sent in donations when celebrating various special occasions such as TVXQ’s debut anniversary and Yunho’s birthday.

Over 500 residents of Bongo attended the ‘Yunho Education Center Complementary Ceremony’ where they celebrated the opening of the education facility in the small village. The education center will be servicing around 200 students with education and proper meals.

Meanwhile, Yunho was appointed as the face of International Food for the Hungry back in March of 2014.

Yunho_1424711731_tvxqyunho5 Yunho_1424711731_tvxqyunho4 Yunho_1424711730_tvxqyunho3 Yunho_1424711730_tvxqyunho2


Credit : allkpop

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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