[TRANS] 150220 Tohoshinki -Bigeast Staff Report: Nagoya Dome First Day


Changmin’s birthday surprise was done at the encore of today’s live!
While saying 「Even though it’s two days ago (birthday), was the celebration done for you impressive like this?”」 Changmin readily did it! For everyone’s warm words, thank you!

And presenting the part 2 in the waiting room!!
Presenting Yunho’s birthday gift this year from the tour staffs!!

Massage chair!!
During this tour, it’s prepared in the training room, including Yunho, everyone’s body and mind were pacified properly!!When there are only hard dances also, certainly!!! (T/N: The massage chair is a big help too for sure when there are difficult dance routines)

Nagoya Dome’s first day、thank you everyone!

「Today is filled with special things, Changmin’s birthday celebration on the first day of Nagoya, I was extremely happy!
Although I think everyone knows it too, the 「We Are T !!」 started here during TONE tour. Because it was done here also with a warm heart, it was really good!」 (Yunho)

「This is Nagoya! I think we always make fun time (when we) come、 the atmosphere more than until now was also pleasant、 up to the celebration of (my) birthday! Thank you, everyone!
Anyway! I was really happy thanks to everyone!」(Changmin)

Everyone in Nagoya、 let’s raise the tension together tomorrow, too!!!

Source : Bigeast site
trans JP to KR: 8862186
Trans KR to Eng : paulisteu
Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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