[NEWS] 150217 JYJ Kim Junsu’s 3rd Album Title Song to Feature Epik High’s Tablo

JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Epik High’s Tablo have met.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on February 17, “Flower (translated) has been confirmed as the title song of Kim Junsu’s third full length solo album Flower, set to be released on March 3. Epik High’s Tablo participated in the rap portion of the song, which Kim Junsu participated in writing and composing, completing a fantastic collaboration song.”

The agency rep added, “Flower, with its magnificent string sounds and choir, is a song under the genre of baroque hip-hop and it was produced by adding melody and lyrics to the message that Kim Junsu wanted to convey, expressing music with a whole different genre compared to the first and second album title songs.”


Tablo, who featured in the new album title song Flower also participated in writing the rap, increasing the quality of the song.

Tablo said, “I was happy to be working with Kim Junsu, whom I’ve always liked,” and Kim Junsu also shared, “A very good song has been produced, containing the rap that suits the title song very well. I was a big fan of Tablo hyung’s genius hip-hop lyrics and thought that he could metaphorically convey the message of the title song. I felt ecstatic the moment I received the lyrics to the rap. I’m so grateful.”

Meanwhile, the musical actress Jung Sung Ah participated in the aria of the title track Flower, adding her unique voice to the song. The title song Flower will be released on March 3.

Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment


Credit : mwave

Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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