[TRANS] 141021 ” ‘Journal of Night Watchmen’ is my life’s lesson”.. Let’s Anticipate Actor Jung Yunho’s “Final Journal Entry”


“Actor” Jung Yunho’s finale is gathering attention.

Jung Yunho, who is passionately acting out the role of Moo Seok in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Journal of Night Watchmen”, is anticipated to show his final activities (as a night watchman) ahead of the ending broadcast, and is becoming the centre of attention for that. -spoilters omitted-

In particular, through “Journal of Night Watchmen” this time around, Jung Yunho perfectly digested the role of the King’s directly supervised Inspection Department military officer “Moo Seok” who possesses the best swordsmanship in Joseon, and of course including his action scenes acting which is overflowing with charisma, he also expressed, naturally and detailedly, emotive acting for Moo Seok’s mentality in confronting various situations, and showcased his acting abilities which had developed on an even deeper level, and he received positive reviews with his improved appearance as an actor through “Journal of Night Watchmen” this time around.

In addition, -spoilers omitted-, while anticipation is rising on what kind of activities Moo Seok will show togethr with the other night watchmen, and as much as the last episode is impending today, one can see that the curiosity of many people is amplifying even more for Moo Seok’s last appearance.

Jung Yunho conveyed his thoughts on the ending broadcast, “It seems like the script reading was only a couple of days ago, but we have already completed the 4-month long expedition. As I lived Moo Seokie’s life, I felt that he was a really cool friend, and it became an opportunity for me to be able to grow / develop once against through Moo Seokie. Because there was Moo Seokie’s loyalty in my life, I think that it is yet another lesson for me, and I am going to work hard to approach everybody in an even more genuine / sincere manner. I wish to convey my greetings of gratitude together with huge applause to all the staff of “Journal of Night Watchmen” who had gone through a lot of hardships, and in the future, I will work diligently and I will work even harder in order to show everybody genuine acting.”

-details about TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Live Tour and next year’s Japanese Dome tour omitted-

Source : naver
Trans by : mug_ping
Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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