[TRANS] 141021 Heechul mentions Changmin in his Instagram post


[kimheenim IG] Ha ah.. Are you telling me that you have caused me to agonize over whether to buy items (or credits) in the mobile phone game.. The god of item(or credit)-buying (in online games) is calling out to me.. On seeing my base, Kai said, “ㅋㅋ Hyung, You are (ranked) Diamond in LoL, but you are unranked on this ㅋㅋ” Changminnie lent assistance and said “Hee nim, please coolly go item(credit)-buying once.” 9 years ago when I appeared in the programme called “Round and Round Rank Show” and said that I used my credit card only for item(credit)-buying for games, the other guests said that I would become like Kim Sang Hoon hyung in the future. Farewells are really like me.#HavingquitKakaoTalk,myCookieRunhasalldisappearedㅠㅠ#Farewellsarereallylikeme #KimKeeBok*whohasreturned (*this means fickle/constantly-changing) #ButwhatwasmyFacebookIDandpassword
Source: kimheenim Trans by: mug_ping Shared by : Tunisian Cassies

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