[OTHER TWITTER] 140919 Jaejoong’s Sister Twitter Update with Jaejoong


10712785_689813684437696_8953667720000025515_n 10294247_689813711104360_3626889747004298005_n 10649590_689813704437694_6875654452128543567_n

Among 1 boy and 8 girls, the youngest is going to be a mom of a child two months later, the fetus name is Jikim-ie (it means protecting), and he has three rivals. Among Jaejoongie, Hyunah and Seohyunie, Jaejoongie said he likes him more because Jikim-ie is a son. Jaejoongie already likes Jikim-ie only. He only likes his youngest sister^^

RT @kkjj4: 1남8녀중 막내가 2달후면 애기 엄마가되고 태명은 지킴이 라이벌이 3명이다.재중이 현아 서현이 그중에서 재중이는 지킴이가 아들이라서 더 좋다고 .재중이는 벌써부터 지킴이만 좋아하는구나.막내 누나만 좋아하더니^^

Source : kkjj4
Trans by : shinkipeia
Shared by : Tunisian Cassies


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