[TRANS] October issue of WITH magazine – Behind the scenes for Tohoshinki’s cover page photoshoot (full article)

Part 1

Tohoshinki’s “Adults’ Sexiness” which the Writer-in-Charge Felt

After coming up the elevator of the studio which I always come to for work, (I reached) the 3rd level. At the place which the doors of the elevator open wide open to, Y-ssi of the WITH editorial department was laughing while conversing about something with these young people who possessed fairly tall heights and good physique. After going “Omo, they’re handsome~” and passing them by, I belatedly realized who they were “Oh!~” and returned hurriedly and took a look again, and those people were, without any doubt, the 2 members of Tohoshinki!! Compared to the previous occasion when they did an interview during “Tone”, isn’t the relaxed photoshoot atmosphere much more adult-like / mature?

This day was the day for doing the photoshoot and interview which they made time for amidst the final stages of their Tree tour. In terms of time, it felt like it would be fairly difficult to conduct the interview, which had originally been decided to be conducted after the photoshoot. Editor Y-ssi who said these scary words while smiling, “Because the photoshoot was delayed, it is possible that the interview time will become shorter than scheduled”. Unlike the reporter me who was getting extremely nervous on my own while saying “will be it okay, will it be okay, ah ah my heart is pounding!”, amidst the atmosphere between the 2 of them who were relaxed, it seemed as if the atmosphere on set also somehow calmed down and relaxed.

After finishing doing up their hair and makeup, the first outfit (cover page cut) presented a natural and soft image. “If we come from this angle, the chest won’t be able to be seen!”, “Can you guys roll up the sleeves of the shirt?”, “It would be better if the distance between the 2 of you is narrowed a little more!” etc etc, the sharp detailed requests from the staff including the chief editor. That too, this too, but this is because the 2 of them did not show any unwilling expressions at all and complied with our requests. However, while going “the magazine has to capture those type of atmosphere or the atmosphere on set!”, the editorial staff at the photoshoot venue were also overflowing with energy.

The second outfit was suits. Although they were of course handsome since they were young, because they have now reached the ages where suits complement them to a T, the looks of them wearing suits was really a top class masterpiece which is beyond any description! The smiles captured by the camera, these are also different from the smiles which filled their faces when they were younger, and instead had a poised feel. The sexy aura which they were oozing steadily seemed to take over me, and I felt some form of precariousness for some unknown reason, ah ah ah if I don’t escape now, it will captivate me forever! (laughs).

And finally it was the interview. When we asked Tohoshinki, who are welcoming their 10th anniversary, what their goals for the next 10 years would be, and what is the “TOP” which the both of them are aiming for? After listening to their answers, the editorial department all unanimously went, “They have already ascended to this position, aren’t they being too strict (with themselves)…” and were in awe on numerous occasions. Having said that, even in the midst of that type of interview, there was Artist Yunho who was playing around by putting the straw into the carbonated beverage handed over by Editor Y-ssi while drawing little doodles on scrap paper and secretly laughing, and Changmin-ssi who reacted to Yunho-ssi’s passionate words one by one as if he wanted to conceal his shyness. It was a photoshoot set whereby the ladies were all undoubtedly bowled over by them!

Part 2
Tohoshinki’s charms which even men fall for!

<Tohoshinki’s charms which even men fall for!>

When was the last time that we worked together with TVXQ… While preparing for the photoshoot in the studio within the city of Tokyo, I checked my iPhone in order to recall when that was, and would you believe it, it has already been 3 years ago!! Perhaps it was because I had been feeling the activity of the both of them constantly on TV, in movies, in magazines and compared to anything else, at their live concerts, it did not seem like it had been something that long ago. The cover appearance which I had continuously wanted to work together with them on from that time onwards has finally been realized in this issue. So a long time has also passed before it has been realized… While I was dwelling over this, “Hello!”, (I heard) the familiar voices which I had heard in CDs and at their live concerts!!! Tohoshinki, who made time amidst their concert tour to come, exuded a comfortable atmosphere which was again different from those artistes’ faces which were filled with overflowing anxiety while they are on stage. Of course, even with such an appearance, Tohoshinki are also as suave as them. While going “It’s been a long time~” and speaking with us, even the air in the studio received a “bo~ing” boost at their easygoingness.

While he was in the midst of trying out his outfits, Yunho-ssi and I stood chatting. While being thankful for the opportunity afforded by this job, I tried throwing a simple question at him, going “A live tour with 29 concerts in 11 cities nationwide, aren’t you tired out by such packed schedule?” “If I think of it as work or obligation,it would perhaps be too much for me (laughs). I am doing it because it’s enjoyable. The live concerts are something precious which we create together with the fans as we go along, and because this is something we challenge ourselves with.” Ah.. So this is it. Tohoshinki, who have not in the least changed from the first time we interviewed them, and who have always maintained this upright mindset. It is of course not just the ladies who resonated with this strongly in their hearts.

After completing the preparations, the photoshoot finally started! Amidst the various requests which were emerging in order to capture and emit the “present” of Tohoshinki, who possess the mature aura of men, the both of them responded to the said requests with “more than that requested” in an enjoyable manner. Starting from the staff who were checking the monitor, including the cameraman, the voices of “Great!!” kept emerging, but once the shots appeared, because they kept having new facial expressions the more the shots appeared, the photoshoot was not able to stop!!! (laughs). There is something known as the best subject for photography! And it is this!! These breath-taking soundless moments where the staff unanimously go “This facial expression… yes this is it!!”, how many times did this happen on this day… Thanks to them, the photoshoot was extended a little and although it is also a fact that the interview time was decreased, it was really shortened by only a very little bit. A little bit!!

Even during the interview, the both of them also responded with replies, with each and every phase reflecting their own thoughts. However, it is inevitable that the time for ending the interview soon approached closer, the more we thought, “We want to hear more from them!!” When they were greeting us as they were leaving, Yunho said, “When we did a photoshoot the last time around, you said “let’s do a magazine cover page some day”. It’s been realized”.
While going “So he.. remem.. remem.. remembered…!!!” and desperately trying to stop myself from crying from being moved by him, I said “Thank you!!!” while greeting him deeply with my heartfelt feelings. While going “Someday, let’s again have a cover page with Tohoshinki on the cover no matter what!!! To my heart’s content!! Extra large page size!!”, I pledged strongly to myself deeply within my heart.
Part 3

The Tohoshinki special in the October issue contains 8 pages. From the handsome shots of them decked suavely in suits, to the up-shots which appear as if they are staring at you through the camera, to the natural looks of the both of them who are conveying the fact that they are approving of each other, this issue consists of photos which one cannot get enough of even if one keeps looking at them. Only in this special, just the number of photos which are totally newly captured totalled more than 30! We published them generously. In addition, because a specially made polaroid card is also included in each book, you definitely can’t miss out on it right!

Approaching the date of release, we will extract a part of Tohoshinki’s interview and introduce it to everybody. Please check out the details in the issue of the magazine itself.

-After concluding this year’s Tree tour, which was realized in the Arenas, which are smaller than the Domes, after their extremely successful nationwide 5-Dome tour in 2013-

Yunho: (omitted) I was also able to see the facial expressions of each and every single person, so didn’t it turn out to be an earnest communication with one another..

Changmin: (omitted) I developed the reassurance of “So everybody is really in tune with one another”, “So I am conveying everything well”.

-about their dreams for the future-

Yunho: (omitted) It would be great if we can one day release the songs made by the both of us, and I also want to perform them at tours.

Changmin: (omitted) Honestly, I don’t have lofty dreams. I just want to try improving on what I am interested in now.

-Finally, introducing Changmin-ssi’s words!-
“(omitted) Because we can see an even higher “top”…

Please check out the October issue.

Source : Withonline 

Jap-Kor trans by TVXQDrip 토마토님
Eng Trans by : mug_ping
Collected & Shared : Tunisian Cassies


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