[TRANS] Yunho & Changmin Part Interview in TREE TOUR~2014 Tohoshinki Disk 3

Yunho: I think I referred Changmin as my brother, a member (of Tohoshinki) in old days… and also I said that he was like a partner that I married to… But now I think about him as an alternate version of me, myself. Some parts of him that I long for/adore… Changmin is completely different from me. His personality and habits are really different from mine. In these days, instead of treating him as a companion/partner, I want to say that he is mine. And… this is very difficult for me to explain… (laugh).. well, Yes, I want to make him mine.

Changmin can make the strong/attractive parts of me as his, vice versa.. when you all look at us, you will say, “Wow, Tohoshinki are amazing! They have a lot of character!” It is not just the cool/handsome character but also as a human being, we did our best to get many character into us (that we did not have before)… I want to show people everything as just the way we are.. Because of that.. I feel/think that Changmin is myself.

Changmin: From my point of view, I only recognize that the person called Changmin lacks something like this and that.. and he lacks in too many aspects.. But Yunho fills the parts that I do not have.. Yunho helps me to shape up.. wellI I think he pushes me to be able to move a bit more forward.

Well.. wait.. why can’t I do this on my own?? When I start to think about that, I feel very frustrated about myself.. but we cover each other where the other one can’t do well..I think because we can make up for deficiencies that each of us has, we had been performing as a team of Tohoshinki in the last 9 years.. and we were able to do that.. and we should be able to keep going like this in the future.

Trans by: beriko0214

Shared by : TunisianCassies


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