[NEWS] 140824 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Makes Surprising Casual Appearance on “Gag Concert”


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong proved that stars still shine even while in disguise.

On the August 24 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Gag Concert,” the singer was shown briefly on the screen as the camera panned to show the audience who were laughing so hard in the “Strongest Mentality” segment.

Even while the camera focused on the audience member in front of Kim Jaejoong, the singer was still eye-catching despite wearing a mask to cover his face. Kim Jaejoong was also wearing a simple gray tank top and a black beanie, trying his best to look as normal as possible.

While other people would’ve thought that he was just a normal audience member, fans of Kim Jaejoong were able to tell that it was him because of his chest tattoo that peeks from his tank top.

After the broadcast, Kim Jaejoong confirmed on his personal Twitter account that it was indeed him and posted screen cap of his Gag Concert “appearance” together with the words, “Return to local TV~!! I appeared even without washing my face and just wearing my training clothes and slippers!”

The singer also jokingly praised himself and tweeted to his own account, “You looked tall and slender in your tv appearance!”

Check out Kim Jaejoong’s Gag Concert “appearance” through this clip:

Here is also an Instavideo of Kim Jaejoong with the cast of “Gag Concert!”

Credit : soompi

Shared by : TunisianCassies


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