[PICS] Tohoshinki 「TREE」Live Tour 2014 Gallery

Tree: Live Tour 2014 (stylized as Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~TREE~), also known as the Tree Tour, is the seventh Japanese concert tour by South Korean pop duo Tohoshinki, and was launched in support of their seventh Japanese studio album Tree (2014).The tour kicked off in Yokohama on April 22, 2014 and visited a total of ten cities and eleven venues in Japan. It concluded on June 22, 2014 inOsaka. Over 600,000 people attended the tour . Picture3✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩

tumblr_n7bz24Eja51qav8v0o5_1280 10369032_540870706035163_336268141503045279_o 10457467_540870726035161_3313422813598940996_o 10497847_540870929368474_7085822146499605277_o 10495580_540870956035138_8432927204314354683_o 906586_540879766034257_8841112543302761281_o 10333732_540879746034259_2468247611703063589_o 10369032_540867636035470_8714593401903059416_o 10401503_552383971550503_5738209422856320845_n tumblr_mdcmbozktI1qd80wyo1_500 10410284_544911312297769_4672313315511114737_n 10313001_544911302297770_8025584776452969931_n 10372517_544911272297773_8939870700085139553_n 10384363_544911102297790_7210667580268775522_n 10514668_544911078964459_3278484733705750405_n 10359084_703366746391509_2556514285596952600_o tumblr_n6notipIor1qd80wyo1_1280 tumblr_n6notipIor1qd80wyo2_1280 tumblr_n6nox45tcF1qd80wyo1_1280DL LINK (347 Pic)

Credit : as tagged

Collected & Shared by : TVXQJYJTunisianCassiopeia

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