[TRANS] TVXQ! Ti Amo Photobook



Living as a star, is embracing our hearts to the double-edged sword; stability and uneasiness, joy and pain.
Although we are scared, we couldn’t give up that sword because there are people who love us, and always by our side watching over us.
We were incomplete 10 years ago. But because of that, we attempt challenges more passionately.
And now, we are going to tell you our stories from this place.
Although this moment will be forgotten once it passes, we are going to record the brilliance of this moment. One page of the youth of TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho, Max Changmin, which will never return again, will be retained here.




When we ended our dormitory lives and tried to live our respective single lives, actually I felt more relieved as compared to being sad. But it was not an easy thing to sleep and wake up to being alone without anyone in the house. I thought of this many times, ‘Was Changmin’s existence that great?’. When we don’t have schedules, I’m fond of receiving messages like, ‘Have you eaten?’, or calls like, ‘Hyung, shall we have a drink?’. Just by having a younger brother named as Shim Changmin by my side, it was great for me.


The day when we went onstage as duet for the first time in 2011, I was feeling more nervous as compared to when we debuted and was just looking at the ground, Yunho hyung who held onto my hands. And Yunho hyung who told me we will do well. I could hold on till now because there is hyung, I think I can attempt more challenges because there is hyung. Because we are connected with a string known as ‘TVXQ’ which can never be cut off.

Pic Credits: as tagged
Translated by: shinkipeia
Shared by : TVXQJYJTunisianCassiopeia

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