[PICS] Jaejoong ‘Triangle’ Drama’s Gallery


shj_photo140502170843imbcdrama2 shj_photo140509165639imbcdrama4 shj_photo140520155241imbcdrama2 shj_photo140513100012imbcdrama0 shj_photo140527115047imbcdrama0 shj_photo140527102925imbcdrama0 shj_photo140530170431imbcdrama0 shj_photo140603175254imbcdrama0 shj_photo140609183107imbcdrama1 shj_photo140616111941imbcdrama3 shj_photo140605141957imbcdrama3 shj_photo140619114903imbcdrama0 shj_photo140623150548imbcdrama1 shj_photo140624115929imbcdrama1 shj_photo140626181101imbcdrama2 shj_photo140625175125imbcdrama1 shj_photo140702143435imbcdrama1 shj_photo140708110408imbcdrama3 shj_photo140709115412imbcdrama1 shj_photo140716095435imbcdrama1 shj_photo140716111242imbcdrama2 shj_photo140724114349imbcdrama4 shj_photo140730150239imbcdrama3 shj_photo140730153803imbcdrama0

DL LINK (980 PICS full collection)

Credit : iMBC

Collected  & Shared : TVXQJYJTunisianCassiopeia

Take out with full credit please


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