[TRANS] 140731 Kstyle News Article – JYJ Jaejoong’s message to TVXQ’s Yunho: “Have you been well?”

JYJ’s Jaejoong sent a message to TVXQ’s Yunho. This message displayed a friendship that overcame the past.

It’s already been 5 years since the 5-membered group Tohoshinki split into two teams carrying through different activities. It may be a coincidence, but Jaejoong’s MBC Monday and Tuesday drama [Tri-Angle] just ended and will be immediately followed in the same time slot by the broadcast of Yunho’s drama [Night Watchmen Diary].


For that reason, Yunho inherited the baton passed by Jaejoong.

On the 29th, at the press conference presenting [Night Watchmen Diary] production, Yunho said “I watched [Tri-Angle], and I was very happy to see Jaejoong working so hard” – having heard about this comment, Jaejoong conveyed his message to Yunho on the 30th when he met with reporters.

“During the activities we had together in the past, sometimes there were occurrences of Yunho getting dehydrated”, Jaejoong said, worrying about Yunho having to shoot in the hot and humid weather. Having previously appeared in MBC historical drama [Dr. Jin], he also added advice for shooting period drama, based on his own experience.

“Yunho, have you been well? I’m doing fine. I think it’s your first historical drama, and it’s very hard the first time. There will be a lot of outdoor filming too. There will barely be enough time, the CG work will be tight as well, and I suppose you’ll also have to practice things such as martial arts. So because it’ll be hard on you physically and it’ll be hot and humid, I want you to prepare for the shooting by drinking lots of water. Of course it’s good to do things with an “I’ll give my all” mindset, but I want you to take care of your body and have control on your physical strength/condition.”


Credits: Original article
Translated by TVXQSound

Shared  by : Tunisian Cassies


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