[NEWS] 140727 C-JES ENT reveals teaser image of JYJ’S “Just Us” 2 days before release.


Teaser images of JYJ’s upcoming 2nd album, “Just Us” have been released by C-JeS Entertainment on the 27th of July.Pictures of the members of JYJ in the recording studio have been released by C-JeS Entertainment on the 27th of July, in which C-JeS revealed that they have released these images to heighten the anticipation of their fans who have been awaiting their comeback.

In the released photos, the members of JYJ are passionately recording their parts of the songs, and thus fans have expressed great excitement upon seeing these teaser images, especially as it was the first time in 3 years since JYJ have released an album as a whole group.

Also, a picture of the three members gathered together discussing their album showed that they have all contributed to the production of this album, in which it was revealed that the members themselves composed and wrote most of the songs, as well as chose exactly how many songs were going to be included on the album.

JYJ’s “Just Us” will be released on the 29th of July both online and offline, and is said to include a lot of music that is easy on the ears and enjoyable by everyone.

Source: Osen

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