[Interview] 140725 Park Yoochun did the latest interview with KNTV


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Q: As planned, JYJ is going to release new album and preparing for live concerts in Japan. Can you tell us how does the efficacy of this plan bestow on your activities both as an actor and as an artist?

Yoochun: Three of us have been putting all our effort for solo activities respectively. I do not know whether synergy effect can come out as all of us are together or not, too. But I think such kind of thing would not be a matter or talking is not too important as well. Just like it’s been a long time that we could meet again so it’s really happy and enjoyable.

Because I still always wanna continue career as a singer, but it’s been a long time I did not sing so I’m very trembling with excitement. By the way, it’s wonderfully great when 3 of us can do work together, for these things itself like that it brings a happy feeling. Personally, I’m in really good and enjoyable mood for activities of album this time.

Q: Can you reveal a bit about your plan in the future?

Yoochun: Firstly, the movie “Sea Fog” is going to be out, I have to go many places for public advertisement. From now on, I’m on the way of preparing for concert and completing it. We pour out much effort for album this time because we would like to produce a good product. I do not know until when we can release next album, if yes, it can take 2 to 3 years later, therefore, this time album brings a powerful covetous affection inside. Now, doing well all activities for album this time is our 1st goal.
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Q: How did you prepare for action scene?

Yoochun: I thought whether I was going to die or not (laugh). Before starting filming, I made good use of my spare moments to learn posture/attitude and spirit of a policeman through action school. This is the first time I’ve played action movie accurately. I totally didn’t think that how much hard action would bring to me as I was learning it before. I just thought like: “this movement is like this…so it’s OK if I do in this way”. In fact, after trying to shoot the film, I thought “Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior” (a Thai action movie which was produced in 2003) was so great (laugh), it was really difficult. It’s so hard to insert emotion into action scene. If my mental state had been tired out but physical strength still stayed, how it would have been going on?, as I shot action scene, both my physical strength and force of will/emotional strength were in exhausted state.

When I tried to confront that “wall”, there was time as my body were worn out to the extent that I couldn’t express emotion that it was intend to be out in some moment. That was greatly dreadful. By the way, it was very enjoyable, but of course it wasn’t while doing these scene anymore (laugh). I think everyone realizes that it does not finish just in one time. Because I’ve been shooting a lot such as various angles, 2 shots or full shot, so that my physical strength is very exhausted, I have a feeling like I’m driving a car with extremely poor fuel consumption (laugh) But, last but not least it was hard time but interesting. Now, I got clearly why most of actors are not very interested in playing action movie.
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Credit: KNTV
(I’m sorry only JYJ-related parts were translated)
Trans by: pearls_purple

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