[NEWS] 140702 Director Bong Joon Ho Praises Park Yoochun for His Acting in “Sea Fog”

Film director Bong Joon Ho, hailed as one of the greatest Korean film directors of the 21st century, has complimented actor and idol star Park Yoochun of JYJ on his acting skills.

On July, the press conference for the upcoming thriller “Sea Fog” was held. Bong Joon Ho attended the conference as a producer on the film, while Park Yoochun was also present as he is one of the main actors of the movie. 


“Sea Fog” tells a story of a fishing boat and its crew who resort to smuggling in illegal immigrants to support themselves. However, they meet unexpected challenges when the boat is hit with a heavy fog at sea. Park Yoochun plays Dong Shik, the youngest crew member of the ship, who falls in love at first sight with a Korean-Chinese illegal immigrant Hongmae (Han Ye Ri).

This is the big screen debut of Park Yoochun, who has acted in lead roles in various television dramas. Bong Joon Ho praised Yoochun, saying, “This is his first movie. I am happy that the film industry has earned such a talented actor.”

“Sea Fog” is the directorial debut of Shim Sung Bo, most well-known for writing the script for Bong Joon Ho’s critically acclaimed film “Memories of Murder“. It will open in theaters on August 13.

Credit: soompi

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