[NEWS] 140610 Woman Who Blackmailed Park Yoochun Sentenced to Ten Months in Prison

Park Yoochun received a threat from a female college student that she will reveal damaging pictures about Park if she did not receive money and goods.

On the 10th of June, the Seoul Central District Court judge announced a sentence of imprisonment against the perpetrator, Kim (female, aged 30), with the evidence of the text message of her asking for 100,000,000 Won (roughly $100,000 American Dollars).

The judge stated, “The damages towards the victim were about 100,000,000 won and there was no agreement met between the two parties. Considering the amount of damages that the celebrity and company received and the nature of the crime, its decision was heavy. Also, the perpetrator threatened the victim by acting like she knew someone in the press and media.”

In February, Kim went to a shopping area in the early mornings pretending that she was Park Yoochun’s past girlfriend and picked up a cellphone.


While Kim was looking through the phone, which did not have a security passcode, she saw pictures of Park Yoochun and saw the correspondence between the cellphone’s owner and Park.

After deciding that the information she discovered was personal information that could cause harm, Kim called Park Yoochun’s company and asked for 100,000,000 Won.

Park Yoochun’s manager met up with Kim and said that he will give mer the 100,000,000 Won. However, the manager went to the police and reported the crime. The next day, the manager met up with Kim, and police who were watching the scene caught Kim at the scene and arrested her.

Source: News1

Credits: Koreaboo

Shared by: TVXQJYJTunsianCassiopeia

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